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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Eurasia Internation
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Boston Internationa
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Best Shorts Competi
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Best Shorts Competi

Ave Maria (Short Film)


The Film is still currently completing the 2020 Film Festival Circuit


Ave Maria’ centres around a Christian family in Goa. It deals with Child Abuse. Paul is in his mid thirties, father to Maria who is an 8 year old kid with an issue. She is an intovert and does not like to mingle, lives in her own little world... her space. Paul is a concerned father, who time and again tries to brace the issue regarding Maria with his wife Susan who is a caring mom, but actually in a state of denial regarding her daughters behaviour who tends to be on the defensive where Maria’s silence is concerned... she is a very protective mom. Maria finds solace and a true friend, in a ventriloquist dummy gifted to her by her mother, and names her ‘Mary’. Mary becomes Maria’s voice. Paul finds this behaviour abnormal and expresses his concern as he wants his daughter to be just a normal happy kid. Their fears are realised when Maria decides to confront her demons at her birthday party when she with the help of Mary her dummy, discloses that she has been sexually abused by her Uncle John, Paul’s brother.


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